Ana Hušman at the Salon and Biennale!

Ana Hušman exhibits three of her short films in Korea and Belgrade.

Films by Ana Hušman are shown at both film festivals and galleries. This September Hušman’s schedule is completely related to big exhibitions, where she will show three of her films: The Market, Lunch and Football, all distributed by Bonobostudio.  

Biennale Gwangju takes place from September 7th to November 11th in the city Gwangju in Korea. It is the oldest Asian exhibition of contemporary art, founded in the year 1995 as a tribute to revolutionary movement which took place in the city in 1980. 9th edition of the exhibition is expressed in the topic of Roundtable, and explores the motives of isolation, migration, mass communication, relations between history and memory, group trauma... Among 44 authors presented at the Biennale, Ana Hušman will present in person her short film The Market (2006) dealing with subjects of local and foreign, how to recognize each, and which one is better.

The biggest international art expo in Serbia, The October Salon, is dedicated this year to the abandoned promises of modernity, and will take place in Geozavod in Belgrade from September 22nd to November 4th under the title Good Life. October Salon is founded in the 1960 as an exhibition of the best Serbian contemporary art, and since 2004 it has spread its focus to the international context. This year’s 53rd edition of the Salon will feature two films by Ana Hušman Lunch (2008) and Football (2011). Both were made in pixilation and stop-animation technique, and both question the rules and manners (at the table or the pitch) with the ironical-humoristic commentary by the author.

Ana Hušman (1977) graduated in 2002 from the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Croatia, where she now works at the Department for Animated Film and New Media.

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