Animafest & Annecy 2016

June is always the month of grand festivals and pre-summer tours!

Next week (6 – 11 June) we will not be spending all days in the office – as usual. Most of the time we’ll enjoy Animafest. Here is where we will be and what we’ll be doing! Two films from our distribution are competing in the main short competition program – Grand Competition for Shorts. Veljko Popović’s Planemo (Lemonade 3D/Krupni kadar, 3D2D animatori) is going to be presented at the festival opening, in the Program no 1, and Peter’s Forest by Martina Meštrović (Kreativni sindikat) in the Program no 4.

Martina’s and Veljko’s films are also screened in the Croatian Film Competition: Planemo in the Program 1, and Peter’s Forest in the Program no 4. Croatian Program will host many more films from our distribution and production. Program 1: The Enda/Land by Tomislav Šoban (Kino klub Zagreb), Travelling Country by Vessela Dantcheva and Ivan Bogdanov (Compote Collective, Bonobostudio) and Here There by Alexander Stewart (Bonobostudio). Croatian Program no 4 also features Dota by Petra Zlonoga.

Dota is a good link between two animation mega events, connecting the grand festival starting two days after Zagreb – Annecy. June 13 to 18 we are hopping for good film programs, great parties and sunny days on the lovely lake. Petra Zlonoga’s Dota is screening in Out of Competition 3 Program, and Planemo by Veljko Popović in the prestigious short film competition (no 2). See you in the cinema!

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