Annecy 2018

Veljko Popović’s Cyclists will premiere at Animafest Zagreb but already few days later they are expected at Annecy – in the prestigious Short Competition Program!

Veljko Popović’s cycling tour starts these days in Zagreb (June 4 – 9) and then moves on to a series of pretty fantastic film festivals. One of those is the one and only Annecy festival (June 11 – 16), where Cyclists will be screened in the prestigious Short Competition Program. If you are around, check out Competition Program 4, which features new woks by artists such as Patrick Bouchard, Anca Damian, Ji Hyeon Kim, and Vladimir Leschiov, to mention just a few. The program is screened almost every day from June 11 to 16.

This is the fourth competition for Veljko at Annecy festival: in 2008 he won FIPRESCI Award for She Who Measures, in 2012 he was featured in the Short Competition with a film Father by Ivan Bogdanov (he directed one episode in the omnibus) and in 2016 he traveled to the gorgeous Annecy lake with his film Planemo.

Cyclists is inspired by Vasko Lipovac’s intense visuals and is a proper summer gem which touches upon many typical summer motives of a small Mediterranean town: cycling competition, lush woman who looks like a star from Amarcord and the arrival of a large ocean liner with his captain.

After the success of his previous films – especially the most recent one, Planemo (2016), which has competed at festivals such as Animafest, Melbourne, Curtas Vila do Conde, Encounters, OIAF, LIAF, Animateka, GLA, etc. – Popović’s Cyclists have already conquered many international competitions in the first month since the premiere was announced: Annecy, Animafest, Hiroshima and Anima Mundi. We also have to mention several interesting Croatian film festivals such as Mediterranean Film Festival Split, Croatian Film Days, Diversions, Tabor Film Festival and Supertoon. We hope that there will be many more good news after this ferocious start from Veljko's new film!

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