Best at Days of Croatian Film

Simulacra by Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson won the Oktavijan Award for the Best Animated Film from the Croatian Film Critics Society.

We are very pleased to announce that the first festival screening of the puppet-animation from Bonobostudio production brought the first award to the artistic duo Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson for their first film Simulacra. Days of Croatian Film is a festival screening the best of the previous year in every short film genre in Croatia – from animation to documentary film – with film critics handing out the Oktavijan awards to the best films.

The creative team of Simulacra includes cinematographer Ivan Slipčević, whose greatest challenge was to contain but also use the mirror reflections from the sets, sound master Hrvoje Štefotić, editor Iva Kraljević, producer Vanja Andrijević and many more – with Bošnjak and Johnson in charge of script, direction, animation, puppets and sets.

Simulacra is an allegory set in the mirror maze where it questions the way we are seeing and being seen. This metafiction puppet miniature in just eight minutes creates a convincing universe made of dark mirror corridors, doubles and tailors of destiny. Very important issue today in a world of surveillance and split identities, Simulacra continues its festival life; we are hoping it will be as successful as the first festival screening.

Simulacra had a premiere screening at the Cinema Europa at the beginning of April.

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