Croatian Film Festival Summer Tour

Animafest Zagreb, Mediterranean Film Festival Split, Croatian Film Days, Diversions Int’l Short Film Festival, Tabor Film Festival, Supertoon Šibenik… Our films travel and so do we!

We have made a little overview of our films which will be screened at film festivals in Croatia during June and July. The first part of our 2018 summer tour starts at Animafest Zagreb and ends at Supertoon in Šibenik. But that’s not all, folks; by the end of summer we’ll visit many more fine events and, of course, notify you on time about our whereabouts.

Animafest Zagreb (June 4 – 9) is the time when all animation goodies arrive to us so we don’t have to travel far in order to discover the best films from last year. The festival opening is always a bit of a special event but this year we are extra psyched: Bonobostudio production Two for Two by Jelena Oroz screens in the opening night program! And not just that: it’s a premiere screening of this crazy Lynchian tale about one couple and two rabbits so it’s safe to say we are very very excited. Several more films represented by Bonobostudio will compete in the Animafest Grand Competition: Veljko Popović’s Cyclists (Lemonade 3D / Krupni kadar, Bagan Films, 3D2D Animatori) and Igor Grubić’s How Steel Was Tempered (Kreativni sindikat). Those will also compete in the Croatian Program together with a Bonobostudio production Just Swimming by Darko Vidačković and Marko Meštrović’s Trip (Kreativni sindikat). Animafest Grand Panorama features one more film from our distribution: Miloš Tomić’s Musical Traumas (Dribbling Pictures).

Croatian artist Vasko Lipovac – a true Mediterranean painter and sculptor with a very distinctive visual style – inspired Veljko Popović to make his popular new film Cyclists. The film paints a portrait of a small coastal town so it’s not a surprise that it will be presented at the opening of the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split (June 7 – 16). Not to be mistaken, Cyclists are not just popular in Croatia; Veljko’s summer tour de monde includes competition program at the prestigious Annecy, Hiroshima and Anima Mundi but you’ll read more about it in a couple of days.

If you didn’t catch our films at Animafest Zagreb, don’t worry! Croatian Film Days (June 16 – 20) offer new screening dates in the fantastic open-air cinema setting in the middle of Zagreb forest. Croatian Animated Competition features three familiar films: Cyclists, How Steel Was Tempered and Bonobostudio production Just Swimming. To be honest, we can’t wait!

You are not in Zagreb? No problem! From June 25 to July 1, Diversions International Short Film Festival (ex Kratki na brzinu) from Sveti Ivan Zelina will present our films in this very cute small town. You know them by now: Two for Two, Just Swimming, Cyclists, Trip, How Steel Was Tempered and an experimental film Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night by Davor Sanvincenti (Petikat). After Diversions, we’ll head to Tabor Film Festival (July 5 – 8) where we’ll try and catch another combination of our films: Two for Two, Cyclists, How Steel Was Tempered and Almost Nothing. Our last stop is Šibenik. If you didn’t catch our films by then, visit Supertoon Festival (July 22 – 27) and check out some of our films in the fantastic open-air setting – Two for Two, Cyclists, How Steel Was Tempered and Musical Traumas. See you!

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