German festivals love Dalibor Barić

Good news for Bonobostudio and Dalibor Barić: his two films will be screened at the prestigious German festivals during April.

German spring of Dalibor Barić will start in Dresden, at the 24th International Short Film Festival Filmfest Dresden (17-22nd April), namely in the program Panorama in which he will present his film New Hippie Future. They do like Dalibor in Dresden and we know that because a still image from one of his films can be found as a standard design element just above the general text about the festival. ;)

No time for browsing: we are travelling to the 25th European Media Art Festival in Osnabrueck EMAF (18-22nd April) where New Hippie Future will be competing in the International Competition Program.

We have to mention that both Dresden and EMAF screened Dalibor’s previous film, Pain so Light that Appears as Tickle, so he can call himself a veteran now.

That’s why we are proud to introduce Dalibor’s premiere at another old prestigious European experimental film festival giant. We’ll end our tour in Oberhausen. The 58th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (26th April – 1st May) selected the film The Spectres of Veronica for the MuVi International, a special program of visually outstanding international music videos. Also, this year Oberhausen celebrates the 50th anniversary of a famous Oberhausen Manifesto which begins with a radical statement: "The old film is dead. We believe in the new one."

Well we believe in Dalibor Barić!

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