Golden Brick for Father

After the Golden Dove in Leipzig we won the Golden Brick in Skopje.

Animated documentary Father by Ivan Bogdanov, a Bulgarian, Croatian, German coproduction, just won Grand Prix at the festival of animated film Animax in Skopje – the Golden Brick. This is the 11th award for Father, which is successfully touring the festival circuit from the beginning of the year, from Hiroshima to London and Sao Paulo, and winning many awards, like for example the Golden Dove of DOK Leipzig.

Festival in Skopje screened two more films from the Bonobostudio distribution: Nightingales in December by Theodore Ushev and Dove sei, amor mio by Veljko Popović, the author who also worked on Father as animator-director of one of the episodes.

If you haven't seen Father yet and would like to view it on a big screen, we suggest a visit to neighbourly Ljubljana, where the major Slovenian animated film festival Animateka takes place this week. Father will be screened in the main competition programme at Animateka alongside many Croatian films, among them those produced in Bonobostudio: In the Beginning of Time... by Božidar Trkulja, and Pinball by Darko Vidačković.The Best of the World programme will showcase Nightingales in December.

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