Nighthawk’s four October prizes

After three prizes in September, we are talking about four October awards: from StopTrik, Bucheon, Wiesbaden, and ASIFA Croatia!

We could get used to good news like these. This autumn Špela Čadež’s Nighthawk is really unstoppable in the international festival circuit. The film’s universal story, Špela’s masterful experiments with the narrative and her ability to create plausible characters are surely responsible for film’s great success.

But let's start from the beginning. First week in October was about StopTrik International Film Festival (5 – 8 October) where the story about a drunken badger won Special Jury Mention from Nancy Denney-Phelps. The festival takes place in two cities, first in Slovenian Maribor, and then in Polish city of Lodz.

Next award is no less than a Grand Prix from Bucheon International Animation Festival in South Korea (20 – 24 October). This grand festival features many different competition programs – features, graduation, online, etc. – and we are happy to identify one more local name in the winners’ list, Michaela Müller and her film Airport.

Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation or Filme im Schloss, Films in the Castle (26 – 29 October) was a huge success for Nighthawk, which won the Prize of the Cultural Office of the State Capital of Wiesbaden. It is granted since 2001, and laureates include the most amazing authors, studios and schools: Peter Lord, Georges Schwitzgebel, Koji Yamamura, Supinfocom, Folimage etc. There is not much to add to this masters’ list but we will mention that Špela Čadež is the first female director to win this award in 16 years.

Last but not the least: ASIFA Croatia presented the award for the Most Successful Croatian Film in 2016 to Nighthawk at the World Animation Day (28 – 29 October) in Kino Tuškanac in Zagreb.

After a really successful October for two of our films, we are happy to see that new works by Eva Cvijanović and Špela Čadež now have the same number of prizes – both 23.

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