Two films, four awards

Astronaut of Featherweight was awarded in New York and Hedgehog’s Home in Berkeley, Lisbon and Montreal.

Astronaut of Featherweight (2017) is a 27-minute experimental animation by Dalibor Barić portraying a dark hyper-capitalist society in which body is a commodity and money is immortality. Dalibor’s Astronaut just won the Best Animated Film Award at this year’s 6th Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in New York (February, 23 – 25). The festival director Daniel Abella said:  said: "With each passing year, more people are learning through our festival of the universal appeal of Philip K. Dick. Our 2018 winning films capture his legacy and serve as a beacon of hope and possibility for independent filmmakers who are not afraid of being different and rocking the boat." 

Eva Cvijanović was also not afraid of being different while making her fantastic animated film for children, Hedgehog’s Home, which won its 33rd award at the GLAS Animation Festival in Berkeley (March, 22 – 25). Jonathan Hodgson, Boris Labbé and Ruth Lingford, this year’s main jury, granted many awards but the Best Children's Film prize went to our Hedgy: "In children’s animation, we tend to see a lot of clean, shiny depictions of nature. This film breaks the mould. It courageously focuses on some challenging themes without compromising on magic and charm."

Before GLAS, there was Monstra (March, 8 – 18), Animated Film Festival in Lisbon, where Eva’s film won the Special Jury Mention in Monstrinha Competition (Elsa Mendes, Pedro Geraldes, António Marques da Costa) but also the Audience Award. The best from both worlds!

But if we go even further in the past, to the very beginning of March, we’ll find one more prize for Hedgy’s gang. We are very happy that the children’s jury at the International Festival for Children’s Film in Montreal FIFEM (March, 3 – 11) granted the Best Short Film prize to our very own Hedgehog’s Home.

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